Umpiring information

About Umpiring at KDNA

Umpiring is an integral component of netball and is essential to the progress and success of the sport. Umpires are ideally positioned to apply the rules to the best of their ability without fear or favour and to make decisions in the interests of the game. Not to mention developing personal skills like communication, resilience and leadership.

At KDNA, the aim of the Umpiring Development and Training Program is to encourage, create and continually expand a strong, reliable, skilled and confident umpire base. Appropriate structures are in place for all levels of umpires- from new umpires trainees, umpires in training consolidating their skills, badge trainee and badged umpires supported with a Mentor program for umpires at each level.

If you are interested in becoming an umpiring, or just have some further questions, please contact our Umpire Supervisor.

Umpire Documentation for Game Allocation

All Umpires to provide the following to the Umpire Supervisor prior to being allocated a game:

⮚ Current Netball Victoria registration
⮚ If over 18 provide a working with children’s check
⮚ Complete ATO statement by supplier declaration
⮚ Complete Medial Form
⮚ Provide copy of Umpire accreditation
⮚ Provide banking information to Umpire Supervisor

Umpire Code of Conduct

As an Umpire, you must ensure the standards of the Fair Play Code are applied.  Please refer to the linked document provided by Netball Victoria about the values and requirements that umpires must abide by.

Rules and QA workshops

Register HERE for these FREE Netball Rules Q&A Workshops for KDNA parents, coaches, new umpires and interested parties:

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