Grassroots Netball at KDNA

Rotation Guidelines

NetSetGO​ is a fun, safe, social and active program for girls and boys.

Net​​- NSG Skills is a Netball Victoria program introducing 5-7 year olds to netball. It incorporates skill activities and fun games in a fun and safe environment. Great program to teach children basic netball skills before joining a Club team at Kingston Districts Netball Association

Set ​– NSG ‘Round Robin’ is for 7 to 8 year olds and focuses on refining fundamental motor skills and introducing modified netball matches. Play with a Size 4 Netball, 1 umpire that explains decisions and assists with a modified netball game. 4 x 8 min quarters with a 2 min break at half time. ​​Attendance Records​ no scores are to be kept

GO​​– 11&U ‘Rotations / no finals’ section ‘C’ & ‘B’ focuses on developing netball specific skills through netball matches with player rotations & no finals. Play with a Size 5 Netball, 2 umpires.11/U ‘C’ 4 x 10 min quarters with a 2 min break at half time. Scores recorded no ladders11/U ‘B’ 4 x 10 min quarters with a 2 min break at half time. Scores recorded Ladders published

Netball Australia endorses the rotation of playing positions in, as evidence suggests that children:

a. Have more fun with variety and do not get bored.

b. Learn and /or improve skills in every area of the court

c. Be with friends that encourage all areas of play.

KDNA Rotation Guidelines

  • Each player plays two (2) positions every game
  • Try to give players at least a ½ game in a position before changing their position
  • Try to keep players in the same area (ie either goals, or midcourt or defence) in a game
  • When a player has a ¼ off- try to have them in a running position (GA WA C WD GD) forthe alternate quarter in that half.
  • Players are to experience ALL positions throughout the season.
  • All players are to experience goaling – even if it’s only a quarter or two.
  • Players not to remain as GS/GK for the entire match (special needs players areexceptions)
  • If the margin in any game become significantly high player ​MUST​ be rotated into otherareas of play (ie goalers to midcourt, defence to goals, midcourt to either defence or goals)
  • NSG-GO, 11/U ‘B’ (Teal, Gold & Silver) players should have equal time in each position.
The emphasis of playing NSG ‘Round Robin’ and 11&U ‘Rotations / no finals’ is to encourageplayer development and participation.

The role of the coach, to be teaching each child the skills needed for lifelong participation in thegame of netball.
Club Presidents will be notified if any of their NSG ‘Round Robin’ and or 11&U ‘Rotations / no finals’teams are not complying to these guidelines.

KDNA Committee of Management.