C Badge Criteria

What you are aiming for!

Voice: Loud enough for players to hear decisions being made
Whistle: Loud & clear enough for all players to hear
Manner: Firm, confident, pleasant – not controlling
Areas: Know which areas/sidelines each umpire is to control
Dress: Appropriate
Fitness: To enable good court coverage for an entire game
Coping: With abusive comments from spectators, players, and coaches
Terminology: Use correct terminology
Hand Signals: Have an understanding of hand signals
Consistency: Be consistent in decision making
Before the game: Have whistle & wristband (for centre passes), Check nails & jewelry
Centre Pass:
Who blows the centre pass whistle
When is the centre pass is called
Hand signals with centre pass
Verbal calls with centre pass
Breaking & simultaneous breaking
Untouched in centre third

Scoring a goal:
When is it a goal
What to do when a goal is scored

Awareness of the Advantage rule
Apply where Advantage Goal is scored

Toss Up:
How to do a toss up
When to do a toss up

For best vision
Movement around the court
On the goal line
With a throw in

Minor Infringements

Throw ins:
When & where is it taken
What to call

Off side:
When is it offside
Where is the sanction taken

Playing the ball:
What can a player do and not do with the ball
Replayed ball

Short Pass:
When is it a short pass
Where is the sanction taken

When is it a step
When is it a drag

Over a third:
When is it over a third
Where is the sanction taken

Held Ball:
How and when to count 3 seconds

Major Infringements


What is obstruction – short distance – arms up too early
When do we sanction
Where is the penalty taken


What is contact – inevitable / causing – hands on the ball – hitting the ball – hold / lean on
When do we sanction
Where is the sanction taken