About Net Set Go

Welcome to Kingston and Districts Netball Association’s Net Set Go Program!

We are excited to introduce you to the wonderful world of Woolworths Net Set Go – Australia’s official starting point for girls and boys.

Fun and Enjoyment at the Heart of Our Program
At KDNA, we are passionate about netball, but we’re equally passionate about making sure that every child who joins our Net Set Go program has a blast! It’s a chance to learn the netball basics, get outside and make some friends. For a lot of kids, this is the first time they’ll pick up a netball and we believe it should be an unforgettable learning experience filled with laughter and joy. We understand the importance of friends and camaraderie, so we do our best to group children with their schoolmates, ensuring that they have a fantastic time while learning and growing in the sport they love.

Our Net Set Go Journey
We extend a warm welcome to new players of all genders. Our program is structured into three exciting tiers, to ensure that participants develop skills at a pace that’s right for their age and ability: 

Net 5-7 year olds

  • Saturday Skills sessions
  • Our Skills Sessions focus on building basic netball skills through fun and engaging activities. They are run by experienced and passionate coaches.

Set 8-9 year olds

  • Weekly Training and Saturday Competition
  • Dive deeper into skills, drills, and enjoy modified matches.
  • REGISTER by becoming a member of one of our participating CLUBS

Go 9-11 year olds

  • Weekly Training and Saturday competition in our 11 & Under age group
  • It is all about honing skills and enjoying matches
  • REGISTER by becoming a member of one of our participating CLUBS

Participant Pack

    Every Woolworths NetSetGO participant will receive a participant pack. The pack includes:

    Woolworths NetSetGO size 4 netball.

    Woolworths NetSetGO T-shirt

    The Benefits of Netball: Physical, Social and Mental Well-being

    Participating in netball and team sports offers numerous benefits. Physically, it helps children develop their agility, coordination, and fitness. Socially, it fosters teamwork, communication, and the building of lifelong friendships. Mentally, it encourages problem-solving, strategy, and resilience.

    Join us on this exciting journey

    We invite you to embark on this exciting Net Set Go adventure with KDNA. Together, we’ll explore the thrill of netball while gaining physical, social, and mental skills that will benefit young athletes in all aspects of life.

    Discover the Joy of Netball with Kingston and Districts Netball Association – Where Fun Meets Sport!