• Desire and enthusiasm to become an umpire
  • Minimum age turning 14 years by 31st Dec
  • Theory exam completed (On-Line)
  • Foundation Umpire course completed (On-line)
  • Current MyNetball Membership

New Trainees

  • Complete your THEORY exam and FOUNDATION Umpiring course (available on Netball Connect)
  • Attend all Training sessions.
  • Provide a copy of your accreditation, ATO statement by Supplier, Medical Form and wwcc if over 18 years or older to Umpire Coordinator
  • Must be available for 11&U Round Robin morning match times
    Umpire with an Umpire Mentor for support & advice
  • Expectations: enthusiasm and commitment to learn the art of umpiring.
  • Confident use of the whistle: don’t be shy!
  • Basic knowledge of the rules: you are not expected to know everything – focus on 1 or 2 things each week and be guided by your Mentor.
  • Basic hand signals only: 1) start / stop play 2) steppingUMPIRE PATHWAYS

Consolidation Phase

  • Umpire alone, with support from Umpire Mentors
  • Umpire times = any
  • Expectations: to improve umpiring skills, aiming to achieve a C-
  • Badge within 6 -12 months
  • Confident making calls
  • Apply footwork rules
  • Use most hand signals
  • Start to apply the advantage rule
  • Distinguish between contact & contest
  • Positioning for best vision
  • Using correct terminology for infringements

Badge Preparation

  • Request to be assessed for readiness to prepare for your C-Badge -you will be guided by your Umpire Mentor
  • Umpire alone at any time
  • Intensive training with a Badge Trainer -2afternoon matches weekly -until badge testing
  • Additional practice can be arranged during our representative teams’ training sessions on Mon evenings.
  • Expectations: aim to achieve C-Badge criteria see below

Umpire Mentor

  • Must hold a C Badge or higher, min age 17
  • Provide support to the trainee/s umpire courtside
  • Half Time: Provide feedback for 1-2 things to work on.
  • End of Game de-brief: achievements made; or advice on things that may need more attention;
  • Advise both the umpire and the Umpire Coordinator when the trainee is considered ready to progress to next stage.

Badged Umpires

C Badge criteria

  • Have reasonable control.
  • Have good knowledge of the rules.
  • Have a voice and whistle that are loud and clear.
  • Have efficient announcement of decisions.
  • Have good coverage of the court.
  • Show good application of all general rules.
  • Apply contact and obstruction consistently.
  • Have efficient centre passes.
  • Show awareness of the Advantage Rule and apply it, for example ‘Advantage Goal’.

B Badge criteria

  • Have good control of the game.
  • Have detailed knowledge of the rules.
  • Have a voice and whistle which are easily heard.
  • Make clear and precise decisions.
  • Have a very effective coverage of the court.
  • Show clear application of contact and obstruction.
  • Apply the Advantage Rule consistently.
    Penalise all other infringements.
  • Ensure correct and efficient centre pass.

A Badge criteria

  • Have excellent game control.
  • Have a clear and detailed knowledge of the rules and interpretations.
  • Show an excellent overview of the court and cooperation with the other umpire to give full coverage of the game.
  • Be able to ensure that the game proceeds at the speed and level of the competition.
  • Not be susceptible to external influences.
  • Apply contact and obstruction rules together with all other general rules with precision and accuracy.
  • Apply the advantage rule with skill.
  • Maintain speed and efficiency for centre passes and throw-ins.
  • Handle toss ups effectively.
  • Have ultimate control of all players and officials through correct procedures.