Booking Conditions

Booking Conditions:

  • KDNA will always try to accommodate all bookings where possible.
  • KDNA court booking guidelines are 2 teams per court for training. If space allows, we will allocate 1 team per court.
  • Point of Contact in relation to this booking or cancellations: KDNA Admin
  • Please notify KDNA Administration Officer if you wish to book Pavilion on any particular training night by filling out a Pavilion Booking Form.
  • Clubs will receive confirmation and invoice for payment (if applicable) up to 1 week prior to the commencement of the season.
  • The Pavilion MUST remain locked and Alarmed at all times. (Public amenities and Club storage area are not on Alarm)
  • Public Amenities are open and cleaned by Kingston Council Daily
  • Club contact person will be given instructions for access to Key Safe in Ground Floor Foyer (for access to

Club Storage Area)

  • Lights and Ball pump in Foyer. Lights are in 3 Zones On / Off.
  • Please only turn on lighting for courts used for training
  • KDNA storage area has freezer with ice for injury
  • KDNA Clubs are responsible to complete and manage injury reports for all training sessions.
  • Team / Club point of contact person is responsible for locking and Alarming Pavilion at the conclusion of

training session.

  • Clubs must contact KDNA Administration Officer if they require Courts during school Holidays for training.


Club/ team failing to Secure Pavilion $50.00 fine By-Law 22.3
Club / team failing to turn off Court lighting $50.00 fine By-Law 22.4